Key Benefits

Automatically resolve facility requests and improve customer satisfaction

Roby connects with HVAC and Lighting system to automatically resolve the comfort complains. It also improves customer satisfaction by reducing the resolution time and be responsive 24/7.

Get insightful information to improve the services

Roby provides complete logs of request history for facility teams to optimize HVAC and Lighting settings. Also, the service can be more proactive based on the data.

Be more touchless for workplace safety

Roby can replace the thermostats or light switches. Occupants can use their personal devices or Alexa/Google Home in the office.

How it works

Use cases

For a building with 800 users:

$ Dollars
Cost savings/mo.
% Percent
User satisfaction
resolved automatically/mo.

Pay as you go

Our pricing model makes it easy for you to plan your budget and never pay something you are not using!

📢 Any unused requests will rollover to the next billing cycle with 10% discount.
For example, if a company pre-pays for 10,000 request and uses 9,500, they will have 10% discount for the next pre-pay package purchse.

📢 Any additional requests exceeding the pre-pay amount will be billed at $5 per request.
For example, a company on $250/month plan will get 10,000 included requests per year. If a company send 10,050 requests, they will get billed $5 for the 50 requests they use past the 10,000 mark. The total yearly cost will be $3,250.

Get started

See our supporting page to check out the onboarding documentations. Or talk to our sale representative to book a demo