Key Benefits

Automate guest registration

Roby works as a virtual assistant to register the visitors for the meeting hosts. Simply cc Roby into your meeting invite. Roby will automatically send out a check-in QR code to the guests.

Touchless guest check-in

When guests arrive front desk, simply scan the QR code and Roby will notify all the attendees. It also includes handling varied cases of guest check-in. (ex: forget QR code emails)

Track visitors check-in data

Roby provides a easy access of historical visitors check-in data for facility team to trace back for security and workplace safety purpose.

How it works

Use cases

For a building with 800 users:

$ Dollars
Cost savings/mo.
% Percent
User satisfaction

Pay as you go

Our pricing model makes it easy for you to plan your budget and never pay something you are not using!

📢 Any unused requests will rollover to the next billing cycle with 10% discount.
For example, if a company pre-pays for 10,000 request and uses 9,500, they will have 10% discount for the next pre-pay package purchse.

📢 Any additional requests exceeding the pre-pay amount will be billed at $5 per request.
For example, a company on $250/month plan will get 10,000 included requests per year. If a company send 10,050 requests, they will get billed $5 for the 50 requests they use past the 10,000 mark. The total yearly cost will be $3,250.

Get started

See our supporting page to check out the onboarding documentations. Or talk to our sale representative to book a demo