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Frequently Asked Questions

How much access will Roby have to our Slack instance? Any public channels?

Roby does not have any access to any channel, just direct messages sent to him.

Someone invited Roby to one of our channels. I thought it could only interact via DM?

There is nothing to worry about here. As bots/apps look like users in slack, they can be invited to public channels. However, per the permissions authorized in the URL, Roby can only directly chat with users and read the team member list. So Roby won't see or respond to any of the traffic there.

How much and what kind of data from Slack will be stored on Roby's servers?

For the base Roby product, the data stored is primarily FAQ data, human names for spaces, usernames that use Roby and the requests that they make with Roby. The only ML data are the requests made to Roby used for NLP. For the Roby HVAC Add-on (Roby Enterprise), please see the Preflight Network and Security Guide for specifics.

Is Roby secure and do you protect my data?

Yes, we have a strong security and privacy policy.

Can you give us an idea of how difficult the installation process is?

Installation is a simple process. One of your Slack Admins can install Roby directly from our product page and authorize it within the Slack console.

After the required data has been provided to your Imageous representative, they will provide customer specific instruction to enable the Roby Slack App.

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