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Roby is a smart help desk bot for support teams to simplify ticket management, deflect repetitive requests, and provide insightful information to increase employee satisfaction.

How Roby Helps Your Office Management

Managing Varied Requests
  • There are many ways to make a request, and it is difficult to keep eyes on multiple channels.
Answering Repetitive Questions
  • In a dynamic environment, it is difficult to maintain a knowledge base for so many questions.
Keeping Employees Involved
  • Sometimes, the conversation gap between employees and support team can cause miscommunication.
Getting Feedback from Employees
  • Companies usually use professional service to do employee surveys, but this wastes time and money.

How It Works

Employees simply send all requests to Roby

Using “/roby” or click a button, employees can easily send a request to support teams and check statuses anytime.

Roby automatically creates a to-do list for the support team and keeps employees notified

Support team can stay focused on their tasks and not worry about being continually distracted. Simply type “request”, Roby will show a to-do list and keep everyone updated.

Roby can learn the Q&A and automatically answer repetitive questions

Employees can ask a question to support teams through Roby. Roby will memorize the Q&A and directly answer it next time when the same question is asked.

Roby drives the interactions between employees and support team

Every two weeks, Roby will send simple metrics to employees to keep track of the effort from the support team and get their valuable feedback.

Get valuable insights of your office space

The feedback and survey results are displayed in the Roby Portal. Support team will be able to access and better understand how to improve employee satisfaction.

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