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Add Roby to your slack workspace, If you need a little help, you can find information here


Create public channels like #support, #new-hires or #facilities for employees to submit their requests. If you already have dedicated channels in place, simply add Roby to start managing incoming requests.


Now that you are up and running, make a public announcement in #general to introduce Roby to your team! (Bonus: add our custom emojis/gifs to drive even more engagement and fun!)


Logon to your admin portal anytime to gain insightful information from employees and a more complete understanding of your team’s performance.

Reduce inefficiency and duplication

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Capture and track requests for new projects, services, ideas, and feature suggestions via channels or directly through Roby.

  • Submit the tickets through channels to create transparency and to keep your team informed. Ex: coffee machine is down, the monitor in conference room A doesn’t work...etc.
  • Submit the tickets via direct messages to Roby for requests that are more personal, such as HR requests.
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Input due dates and priority levels to keep up with people’s tasks and deadlines. Organizing your requests by urgency will help your team run more efficiently.

  • 🚀 High priority requests with a firm deadline. Ex: customer requests, urgent bug fixes, and meeting materials.
  • 🚗 Medium level requests with a soft deadline. Ex: order office supplies.
  • 🚲 Low priority requests with no set deadline. Ex: ideas and product feedback.
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Delegate and review tickets without ever leaving your conversation

  • No need to duplicate effort. Bring multiple teams (like HR, IT, and Facilities) and delegate tasks accordingly.
  • Use the dashboard to view analytics to see how well you and your team are performing.
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Stop working harder and start working smarter with FAQs and automated responses.

  • Give your employees access to relevant information when and where they need it by setting up your FAQs in Roby.
  • When your team uses Roby, they’re training Roby. Teach Roby to automatically respond to similar questions by selecting auto-respond when closing out tickets.

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