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Roby is a chat/voice enabled service that can resolve any complaints, handle all requests, and ensure employees will always have all the right information.
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Improving Your Workspace

Roby Improving Your Workspace 1
In many workplaces, there are multiple requests and miscommunication. Roby can help directly report issues. For example, “the coffee machine is broken”.
Roby Improving Your Workspace 2
Roby automatically sends notifications and address any repetitive questions. Roby organizes office issues for office managers and keep employees updated in real time.
Roby Improving Your Workspace 3
With add-ons, Roby automatically resolve complaints and handle inquiries. Roby can send support tickets to vendor or directly control office temperature.
Roby Improving Your Workspace 4
Roby learns from employees’ replies and take predictive actions to eliminate the office issues permanently.

Smart Office Experience

Support Teams
  • Automatically handles employees' requests
  • 24/7 response
  • Predictive actions reduce complaints
  • Fast resolution time
  • Comfortable work environment
  • Constant status updates until resolution
Building Operations
  • Labor savings
  • Energy efficiency
  • Trackable real-time results

Our Product

Roby basic

A self-serve service bot that helps manage office issues and eliminate communication gaps between employees and office managers.

Roby Supports: Alexa, Slack, Google Hangout, Skype and SMS.

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Roby add-ons

Roby is able to connect with your existing software, such as support ticketing system and meeting calendar to fully automate the internal processes. Roby is also able to connect with mechanical systems such as HVAC, lighting and blinds, to resolve complicated facility problems.

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Roby is a Techstars 2018 Company
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