Roby, an AI Service Hub for the Next Generation Office

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Roby learns from employees' feedback to take predictive actions that resolve complaints, handle requests, and ensure employees always have the right information.
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Our Solution

Roby is the only conversational AI service hub that provides a single human interface for employees, using voice or chat. Roby connects with the existing technology including support ticketing system, calendar system, HVAC, and lighting to create a truly smart office experience.
  • Increase of Employee Satisfaction
  • Up to 20% Savings in Labor
  • Up to 20 to 40% HVAC Energy Savings

Smart Office Experience

Support Teams
  • Automatically handles employees' requests
  • 24/7 response
  • Predictive actions recduce complaints
  • Fast resolution time
  • Comfortable work environment
  • Constant status updates until resolution
Building Operations
  • Labor savings
  • Energy efficiency

Integration with Mechanical Systems

In this example, an employee can simply talk to an Amazon Echo device or chat with Slack to tell Roby they are cold or hot.

Workflow Improvements

Employees can talk to Roby directly and report an issue. For example, "The coffee machine is broken".
Roby will send a notification to the office manager and will handle any similar reports automatically.
At the same time, Roby will open a ticket with the coffee machine vendor for repair and keeping everyone updated with the status.
When the problem is resolved, Roby notifies anyone that reported the issue.
In The Press
Roby is a Techstars 2018 Company
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