Be prepared for the transformation of workplaces

Roby is the easiest way to control, connect, and protect your office with workplace management solutions built for the way we work today.

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Workplaces are going hybrid

72% of knowledge workers reported their ideal working situation to be a mix of working from home and working in the office.

More flexible facility services are required

As more organizations move towards a hybrid working model, they’ve introduced more flexibility in employees’ schedules and location. Facility service teams must be rapid and agile to accommodate fluctuations in occupancy.

Workplace safety is a top priority

Due to the flexible working hours, companies will start adopting activity-based office space. The facility team plays a key role in ensuring employees feel comfortable and secure in their workplace.

Service optimization requires data

As the way we work continues to evolve, organizations will need to understand the space usage and occupant behavior to optimize their facility operations for hybrid work.

How Roby can help

Future-proof your offices with Roby’s enterprise-grade workplace platform. Automate employee requests and reduce touchpoints in high-traffic areas, like the front desk, meeting rooms, thermostats, and light switches.

Whether you’re focused on employee productivity, space utilization, or building efficiency, we’ve got the solution for you.

Roby thermo/lighting

Roby Thermo / Lighting

Roby integrates with your building's existing systems to automatically handle incoming requests, such as hot/cold calls and lighting adjustment, reducing labor costs and maximizing resources. Plus, Roby enables informed decision making with usage and employee interaction data for facility teams.

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Roby receptionist

Roby Receptionist

Roby fully automates the guest registration and check-in process to achieve a completely contactless front-desk service. The facility team can utilize the historical data to understand the traffic of visitors.

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Roby receptionist

Roby Helpdesk

Roby provides a new way to manage the requests that need manual supports. The facility team and occupants can submit/manage the tickets via Teams or Slack. It also learns from historical QAs and auto-reply repetitive questions.

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Be smart about your investment for the future working environment

Conventional office

Launch Roby
Seperate business from personal spending
Cost per request ~$10* <$0.3
  Resolution time
Resolution time ~10-20 mins 5 sec
Flexibility - Scalable to adapt to changing needs/locations

*Average annual salary of a support team employee: $50K-$60K

Why Roby

No new apps required

Roby does not require the users to download any new software. All the applications use existing chat platform (Microsoft Teams and Slack).

No IT infrastructure changes

All the integrations are done by connecting with the existing systems. There are not IT infrastructure changes required.

Fast deployment

Our deployment processes are simple and require very minimum supports from us. Usually, it takes less than 1 day to finish the deployment.

Roby is recognized by top-tier building system integrators

Join the new trend of facility management

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Pay as you go

Our pricing model makes it easy for you to plan your budget and never pay something you are not using!

📢 Any unused requests will rollover to the next billing cycle with 10% discount.
For example, if a company pre-pays for 10,000 request and uses 9,500, they will have 10% discount for the next pre-pay package purchse.

📢 Any additional requests exceeding the pre-pay amount will be billed at $5 per request.
For example, a company on $250/month plan will get 10,000 included requests per year. If a company send 10,050 requests, they will get billed $5 for the 50 requests they use past the 10,000 mark. The total yearly cost will be $3,250.

Roby in Press

Roby is a Techstars 2018 company. Our mission is to create an engaged, productive and happy workplace for our customers by making their operation efficient, simple and personalized.

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