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A service bot that manages employees’ request and eliminates the communication gap for office managers.

We Understand Your Pain

Overwhelming repetitive tasks
  • Every new hire will have similar questions/issues/requests. In a fast-growing environment, those tasks will be overwhelming.
Managing varied requests
  • There are many ways to make a request (emails, walk-by, slack post…etc.) It is difficult to keep eyes on multiple channels and manually input your to-do list.
Miscommunicating with employees
  • Sometimes it is easy to forget to update the status of employees’ requests, an issue of miscommunication.

Managing Office Tasks has Never been so Easy

Employees simply ask questions or send requests to Roby.

Office managers can set up the FAQ skill for Roby to deflect the repetitive questions, and all the employees’ requests will be stored in a single bucket.

View/close open requests and automatically keep employees updated.

With one-click, office managers are able to view open requests anytime, anywhere. Once the requests are closed, Roby will automatically send notifications to the employees.

Customize your Roby to deflect repetitive requests.

Get similar requests all the time? No problem, office managers can customize their Roby by adding buttons to deflect repetitive requests.

Roby is free NOW!

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Want more?

Integrate with your existing system to fully automate tasks.

Contact us to learn more about how Roby Add-ons can provide an even more amazing office experience.

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We also support other chat platforms

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